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"Surfing in L.A." Official Music Video

Patio Sessions

The Patio Sessions is a series of homemade acoustic renditions of originals and covers. During the COVID lockdown, the Lockyer Boys decided to share their favourite songs to help everyone get through this crisis a little easier.

Here is an acoustic version of “Ghost.”¬†An original song that will be included in our DEBUT album. Visit our channel for more of the Patio Sessions.

Behind the Scenes

Over the quarantine, the boys have been writing loads of new material with other producers. Here’s a fun video of how they quickly craft ideas that eventually turn into songs on the radio.

Stay tuned more vlog posts in the near future!


Shortly after their release of “Not Over You,” the Lockyer Boys got a lot of buzz in the TikTok community after many influencers used the single in their videos. Now the Lockyer Boys’ dance tune has over a million plays on TikTok.

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